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Thermal Transfer Labels

7378 Total Reviews

Browse our selection of high-quality thermal transfer roll labels compatible with various printing manufacturers. All label sizes available on both a 1" core with a 4" outer diameter, or 3" core with an 8" outer diameter. Ribbon required for printing.


Labels are not compatible with DYMO® and Brother™ printers.

Thermal Transfer Roll Label Printer
Thermal Transfer Roll Label Printer

Thermal transfer labels involve a popular printing process that involves the heating of wax ribbon that is pressed into the label surface, providing a more durable label suitable for various applications and environments. It is commonly used for general-purpose labeling applications like shipping labels. Although their use may overlap with that of direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels are much more effective at withstanding the outside elements of heat and moisture, and provide long-lasting protection.

SheetLabels.com Reviews
4.8 rating out of 7378 reviews
Love the estate 9 paper option
The sticker sheets I have bought from Sheet Labels are great quality and you can’t beat the price. I’ve bought the clear matte sheets multiple times now and the white sticker sheets once. They are both great quality and the best price I’ve found anywhere.
The different paper options for labels.
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