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FAQ For Roll Labels

What standard sizes do you have?


The standard sizes that we offer are all listed on our website, if you have any questions about a specific size please give us a call or contact us via the website.


What kind of materials can you print on?


We currently offer 7 different materials for custom roll labels, and all of these can be printed on. Visit this page to get more information about the different roll labels materials that we offer.


How Exact is Your Color Matching Process?


Colors can often vary slightly with the digital printing process, the color of the material can also be a factor in some cases. We always do the best we can to maintain the colors, but we can't guarantee an exact color match every time.


What is your delivery time for my labels?


The normal turnaround time for printed roll labels is 4 days, but if you need them faster we do offer 2 day turnaround and 24 hr rush jobs for an additional fee.


What type of proof will I receive?


Our creative team will get your artwork ready to be printed on labels, but before anything is done they will send you a digital proof to review and approve.


What is the minimum number of labels I need to order?


At there is no minimum order. We can provide you with 50 labels, or 50,000 labels. We can supply as little or as much as you need for any job.


What are "unwind directions" and how do they affect me?


Unwind direction is which way that the roll of labels unwinds from a roll. The unwind direction won't affect you unless you are using an automatic labeling machine.


Why should I use your company for custom printed labels and stickers rather than a “normal” print shop?


At we pride ourselves on manufacturing only the highest quality materials. We also have some of the best prices that you will find, and also a quick turnaround time. We also have no minimum order like most print shops do.


What is the difference between roll labels, sheet labels, and individual cut down labels?


Some of the many benefits of printed roll labels include less waste, quicker printing, easy dispensation, and easier management of large quantities. Roll labels allow the use of automatic label dispensers and label applicators as well, and they are still easy to apply by hand.


Sheet labels have many benefits also, and one of the most beneficial is that they can be manufactured on any label material that is offered on our site. Sheet labels are perfect for laser and inkjet printers as well, which makes them easy to print right at home or in your office. One of the other benefits of sheet labels is that they can be ordered in any quantity, so you can purchase just what you need and not waste money on what you do not need.


Individual cut down labels have their own unique benefits too. For one, they are the best option for promotional stickers, giveaways, as well as specific labeling jobs for things like bottles, nametags, coffee, and many more products that need quality labels. Another benefit is that there is no additional cutting needed since you receive them already cut to the exact size needed.


What are the differences between digital printing and flexo?


Flexographic printing is a printing method that uses flexible plates that are made of rubber or plastic. Each of the plates gets rotated on a cylinder and gets coated with a quick drying ink. The material runs between the print plates and the impression roller, which puts the ink onto the material.


Digital printing uses toner which gets put onto the material which needs to be printed. The toner forms a thin layer on the surface of the material by using a heating process. If it is a laser printer it works with an electric charge and the ink sticks to the charged area. With an inkjet printer, small droplets of ink come from print heads which out the ink on the paper.


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