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Roll Label Laminates

Having your roll labels laminated gives them a nice, high quality shine or professional look, depending upon the style of laminate. Lamination will also add an extra layer of protection to your labels, which helps to keep the print quality looking pristine for the life of the label. Laminated labels are perfect for all types of different applications, some of the popular uses include beer bottle labels, food labels, water bottle labels, and much more.


We have two laminates that are perfect options for indoor and outdoor use, gloss laminate and matte laminate. They both offer the same weatherproof protection for your printed labels, but the gloss has a bright, smooth shine while the matte is a smooth laminate without the shine of the gloss.  In addition to the added protection of the lamination, our digital uv ink is also waterproof and has chemical resistant qualities.  


If you are looking for your labels to have a quality appearance while still having a nice layer of protection, then having them laminated is the way to go! In addition to protection, laminations also add an aesthetic value to the label presentation.


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