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Custom Printed Magnets FAQ


What are magnets made of?


Magnets are made from a few different metals, the metals that can be magnetized are called ferromagnetic metals. Some of the most popular of metals in this group are nickel and iron.


What is the thickness of the magnets offered by


These magnets are very thin our standard magnet thickness is 0.34mm and our high-energy magnet thickness is 0.25mm. Even being as thin as they are, these magnets are still much stronger than many magnets that are twice as thick. These magnets are also extremely flexible because of how thin they are.


What sizes of magnets are available?


All of the sizes that we offer are available on our custom magnets page. If you are looking for a specific size and don’t see it, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist!


Will the magnets that offers hold up outdoors in UV rays and wet weather?


Yes. The magnets that we can provide for you are UV resistant and weather resistant. These magnets are “high energy” magnets, which are flexible, highly durable, permanent magnets.


What does “high energy” mean?


Magnets are measured by their energy, and the magnetic energy is determined by how much iron the magnet contains. The more iron that a magnet contains, the stronger the magnet will be.


How Exact is your color matching process?


Colors can often vary slightly with the digital printing process, and the color of the material can also be a factor in some cases. We always do the best we can to maintain the colors, but we can't guarantee an exact color match every time.


Do you have a minimum purchase order?


No. At you can order any quantity of any product that we offer. We do this to make it easy for customers to not have to spend money on things that they do not need.


What is your delivery time for my magnets?


The normal turnaround time for magnets is 4 business days, but if you need them faster we do offer 2 day turnaround and 24 hr rush jobs for an additional fee.


Can photos be printed on magnets?


Yes. We can print photos on magnets, and they are a very popular product!


How many colors can be printed on a magnet?


There is no limit on the colors that we can do on printed magnets, we can make them as bright and vibrant as you would like!


Can I damage my refrigerator, stove, oven, or microwave if I put magnets on them?


No. Magnets will not hurt your kitchen appliances.


How long will the magnets strength last for?


Magnets do not lose their strength, it is permanent.


Can you custom make a special shaped magnet for my business?


At this time we are not offering custom shapes, but we do have many standard sizes that are available anytime.  


Can a magnet that I already have be made stronger than it is now?


No. Once a magnet is fully magnetized it cannot be made any stronger. Reviews