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Cut-to-Size Labels

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cut to size labels

Promotion Made Easy

Individually cut-to-size labels are fully customizable printed labels great for projects demanding individual precision. Get your labels in virtually any size with 21 different material options to choose from. The perfect option for your next giveaway or promotional event, cut-to-size labels are produced individually and require no additional cutting so you can easily stack them to hand out to your audience. Simply crack, peel, and stick these labels anywhere to add a vibrant touch of color to your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to your most common questions provided by the label experts on our Customer Service team!
What roll label materials do you offer?
We currently offer 9 different materials for custom roll labels. All materials are offered with your choice of a matte or gloss laminate to provide extra durability and protection from weathering elements exposed in severe indoor or outdoor environments.

The following list outlines each material with their accompanying specifications and descriptions.

White BOPP Permanent (WBP)

A classic choice and our most popular material, our white BOPP permanent material is perfect for virtually all product labels/applications.

Face: 2.4 mil
Liner: 40 lb.
Finish: bright white pearlescent
Adhesive: Permanent Acrylic
Material Type: White BOPP
Temperature Range: -40° F to +175° F
Min. App. Temperature: 25°F
GSM Rating: 144
Material Compliances: CONEG, REACH, ROHS, CPSIA, FDA 21 CFR 175.105, Latex Free 21 CFR Sec. 801.437

Clear BOPP Permanent (CBP)

The go-to choice for showcasing a “no-label” type look. Choose white ink for a vibrant, opaque print, or leave printed areas as semi-transparent. Reverse printing capabilities also offer a great transparent look, making this material suitable for window stickers, product labels, and great for promotional hand-outs.

Face: 2.0 mil
Liner: 2.5 mil
Finish: Gloss
Adhesive: Permanent
Material Type: BOPP
Temperature Range: -65°F to 200°F
Min. App. Temperature: 10°F
GSM Rating: 134
Material Compliances: CONEG, REACH, ROHS, CPSIA, FDA 21 CFR 175.105, Latex Free 21 CFR Sec. 801.437

White Semi-Gloss (WSG)

An all-around winning label great for numerous applications requiring a glossy finish. Strong pliability for rugged storage and transport. Available without lamination upon request.

Face: 3.1 mil
Liner: 40# WHITE KRAFT
Finish: Semi-Gloss
Adhesive: General purpose, strong permanent adhesive
Material Type: Paper
Temperature Range: -4 to +176 deg F
Min. App. Temperature: 32 deg. F
Material Compliances: CONEG, REACH, ROHS, CPSIA, FDA 21 CFR 175.105, Latex Free 21 CFR Sec. 801.437

Silver BOPP Permanent (SBP)

Another favorite for labels requiring a unique, metallic silver finish. This material is strongly considered within the cannabis and nutraceutical industries. Give your product a shiny, mirror-like finish and choose white ink for a vibrant print or leave it out for a fully metallized appearance.

Face: 2.0 mil
Liner: 40 lb.
Finish: Gloss
Adhesive: Permanent
Material Type: Metallized BOPP
Temperature Range: -40°F to 200°F
Min. App. Temperature: 40°F
GSM Rating: 114
Material Compliances: CONEG, REACH, ROHS, CPSIA, FDA 21 CFR 175.105, Latex Free 21 CFR Sec. 801.437

Spectacle® White Matte (SPL40)

A luxurious material for those looking to showcase their complex designs in perfect detail. This material is ideal for vivid artworks, making it a popular choice for sticker businesses and general branding efforts.

Finish: White Matte
Adhesive: Permanent
Material Type: Paper
Temperature Range: -31°F to 191°F
Min. App. Temperature: 39°F
GSM Rating: 176
Material Compliances: CONEG, REACH, ROHS, CPSIA, FDA 21 CFR 175.105, Latex Free 21 CFR Sec. 801.437

Removable White BOPP (WBPR)

Just like our White BOPP, only removable! A less aggressive adhesive allows for easy removal without leaving any residue behind. An ideal choice for labels involving temporary applications.

Face: 2.3mil
Liner: 40 lb
Finish: Gloss
Adhesive: Removable
Material Type: BOPP
Temperature Range: -40°F to 200°F
Min. App. Temperature: 40°F
GSM Rating: 144

Classic Crest Felt White (CCF)

Regal, textured, and sophisticated. This material feels as great as it looks. Give your product a little extra flare with this classic look and feel. Engineered for bottle labeling makes it an ideal choice among those in the craft beer, wine, and liquor industry due to its profound wet-strength characteristics.

Finish: Textured
Adhesive: Permanent
Material Type: Paper
Temperature Range: -31°F to 191°F
Min. App. Temperature: -31°F to 191°F
GSM Rating: 203

Estate #9 (E9)

Premium, woven, rustic with a beautiful cream appearance, this material possesses a lot of similar characteristics to the classic crest felt white material. This material is specifically engineered for wine bottles, beer bottles and spirits packaging alike with wet-strength characteristics to protect from partial submersion in ice.

Finish: Cream, Laid
Adhesive: Permanent
Material Type: Paper
Temperature Range: -2°F to 175°F
Min. App. Temperature: 33°F
GSM Rating: 206
Material Compliances: CONEG, REACH, ROHS, CPSIA, FDA 21 CFR 175.105, Latex Free 21 CFR Sec. 801.437

Rainbow Holographic (RBHL)

Our newest and boldest material added to the roll label family. This highly attractive material resonates well with health and beauty products with its shine and color but is increasingly garnering interest from the cannabis industry. Like our silver BOPP, white ink is optional for an opaquer appearance versus a more metallized look. Let your creative juices flow as this material is sure to capture the attention of everyone who encounters it.

Face: 2.0 mil
Liner: 40 lb.
Finish: Gloss Metallic
Adhesive: Permanent
Material Type: Rainbow Holographic
Temperature Range: -20°F to 212°F
Min. App. Temperature: 23°F
GSM Rating: 114

Not sure what material is right for your product or application? Contact us to speak with an expert and let us help with your project today!
Do you have a minimum order quantity?
You can order as little as one sheet for sheet labels. When selecting your quantity for blank sheets, click the “Need a custom quantity?” text to enter your preferred number of sheets.

Custom roll labels and sticker rolls have a minimum order quantity of 50.

Custom die cut stickers and sticker sheets have a minimum order quantity of 25.

Keg Collars have a minimum order quantity of 1.
What type of print files do you require?
We accept many standard image file types which include any of the following:


AI files, or Adobe Illustrator vector files, are the preferred file type for printing as these are layered files which allow for editing by our design team. EPS and SVG are other print-ready vector files that are recommended. If this file type is not an available option to you, a high-quality raster image of 300 DPI or better will also print well.
What is white ink and how do I know if my order needs it?
White ink printing is a feature exclusively offered on our Clear Bopp, Silver Bopp, and Rainbow Holographic roll label/sticker materials. We utilize a layer of white ink below your artwork, allowing color to show through fully opaque when printed rather than having a semi-transparent appearance.

White ink may be utilized across various locations of your artwork. If you’re looking to have white ink printed on your artwork, make sure to select White Ink: Yes when configuring and pricing your order and provide a vector file of your artwork (AI, SVG, EPS, or layered PDF). We are unable to create white layers using flat image files such as JPGs or PNGs.

Please also indicate the areas of your artwork you’d like the white layer applied under. You can add this information during checkout in the instructions/comments box when uploading your artwork.
What are "unwind directions"?
Unwind direction refers to the area/edge of the label that comes off the roll first when using a label applicator. When ordering your custom roll labels, you’ll be prompted to select an unwind direction if your labels are being applied with a label applicator (machine applied).

There are 4 different unwind directions to choose from on our website:

Top off first (1)
Bottom off first (2)
Right off first (3)
Left off first (4)

An additional 4 unwind directions are offered with the same orientations shown above but with the print wound in. If this is of need to you, contact us and a representative from our Client Services team will set this up for you.
Hand Applied vs Machine Applied; What’s the Difference?
Hand applied means that you do not require the use of a machine or label applicator to apply your labels. Hand applied is the common choice for small label orders in which you are looking to simply peel and stick your label on your product or surface. In some instances, you may be using a label applicator and therefore it is important you specify your labels will be applied by machine.

Machine applied refers to the process of applying your labels via an applicator or other machine method. It involves specifying a specific unwind direction, usually either (1) top off first, (2) bottom off first, (3) right off first, or (4) left off first.
What is a digital proof?
A digital proof is an image representation of how your artwork will look once printed on your label. It serves as a "final draft" of your artwork and gives you the opportunity to check that you're happy with the way your artwork will be printed at your chosen label dimensions. Unlike other label printing companies, we have real people that review and deliver your proof to you, and they will work with you to make any corrections prior to printing.

Your proof may also include warnings or notes from our design team to alert you about potential issues with your artwork. It’s also important you take note of the safe zone and cut line as this will show how your artwork will appear on the label.

We supply you with a free digital proof via email within 1 business day of placing your custom printed order. We recommend viewing your proof on a desktop or laptop computer for the best viewing experience. When viewing your digital proof, you have the option to approve or deny and request changes before printing. You may select Please note that requesting changes will extend the production time of your order, as a new proof will need to be created and sent to you for your approval after the changes are made.

We do not begin printing until your proof is approved.
When will my order ship?
Order processing times depend on the item and quantity you’ve ordered. For custom label and sticker orders, our standard production time is 4 business days after proof approval (excludes weekends and holidays). We strongly encourage you to review and approve your proof at your earliest convenience to avoid any delays. Digital proofs are emailed to you by our support team within 24 hours after order placement and we cannot begin printing until we have an approved proof.

For blank labels, orders typically ship within 1-3 business days. Size and quantity also play a factor in this. Our standard size labels for our most popular materials ship same day if your order is placed prior to 4:00pm EST and is under 5,000 sheets.

When selecting your material and quantity, you will see if the labels are in stock, and when they will ship. If no estimate is given, you can expect your labels to ship in 3 business days.

If your order contains multiple products the turnaround time for your entire order will be determined by the product with the longest turnaround. If you would like your products to ship at different times or to different locations you can place multiple orders.

Expedited printing and shipping is available for an additional fee. To upgrade your printing time once your item is in your cart, click the dropdown arrow to view and select our 2-day and 24-hour rush options. You can also click the (?) icon for a calendar view illustrating when your order will ship for each available option.
Can I make changes to my order after placing it?
Yes! However, time is limited. If you find yourself needing to make changes to an order after placing it, please contact us and notify us of any changes within 20 minutes after order placement. You can contact our Client Services Team via phone at (888) 391-7165 or email us at We have representatives available Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM-6:30 PM EST.

Please note that changing your order after placing it may cause disruptions in production/processing times which could delay the shipment of your order.
What is your delivery time for my printed labels?
Our standard turnaround time for custom labels is 4 business days after proof approval and the shipping time will depend on your chosen method. We offer expedited printing and shipping options, including 2-day and 24 hour rush options for an additional fee. You can get an idea for how long your delivery time will be when viewing your cart. You can also access a full calendar view outlining your estimated ship date based on the printing time you have selected.

Make sure to review and approve your proof in a timely manner to avoid any delays in production and/or delivery times.
Can you do color matching?
Yes, when submitting your custom printed order, you will be prompted to input any instructions or comments about the artwork file you’re uploading. Simply tell us the pantone code representing the color you’d like printed. Depending on the printing method used in the production process, color matching is on a best-effort basis. For needs requiring strict color matching requirements, we may require a hard copy proof prior to production.
What label size is best for me?
We do not recommend a “best” label size as there are multiple factors that can be considered and will depend on the goal you are trying to achieve. If you are unsure which size is right for you, try using a piece of paper to wrap around your product and/or cut it down to an estimated size needed for your application. This will give you a sense of what size(s) will work for your application.
What material is best for durability/outdoor use?
Our roll label materials are the most durable labels we offer, specifically any of our BOPP options. That’s because these are laminated after printing, therefore protecting your print from any harsh or weathering elements.

If you’re looking for an option on sheets, our white polyester weatherproof material is the way to go. This material is compatible with laser printers and has its own weatherproof, high heat-resistance, and tear-resistant properties. Keep in mind though that label sheets are not laminated, therefore your prints may be more likely to breakdown when exposed to any weathering elements.
Where do I send my updated artwork file(s)?
If you need to attach any updated artwork file(s) to an existing order in production, email your file(s) and order number to
What do versions mean?
Versions refers to the number of artwork designs you are looking to have printed. Each artwork you have is considered a ‘version’.
I chose 2-day shipping. Why has my order not shipped in 2 days?
Production times and shipping times are different. 2-Day shipping refers to the time your order will be in transit (2 days). This does not mean your order will be shipped in 2 days. Standard production time for custom printed orders is 4 business days and blank orders vary from 1-3 business days. Learn more.
Where are you located?
We have two manufacturing locations:

24 Native Drive, Queensbury, NY 12804
3813 Helios Way, Pflugerville, TX 78660 Reviews
4.8 rating out of 5889 reviews
Easy to work with
Your ordering, review and purchase process is very good. However, your label design software is below average. In fact, for my last three orders, I used the design software on Avery Labels' website, then copied my finished design to your website. The quality of the labels is very good, and the price is better than Avery.
Friendly assistance, great pricing and quick delivery.
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