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11 Essential Packaging/Labeling Industry Resources

Posted by Sheetlabels.com on 10/21/2014
Labeling Resources The packaging and labeling industry is constantly growing, and with the continued growth comes advancement. As technology evolves so do many of the processes and standards that are used within the industry. There are numerous great blogs and news sources available for the labeling/packaging industry that can help you stay current with the industry changes. In this post we wanted to share some of our favorite resources with you. Here you will find 11 places online to read about industry news, current trends, and many other resources that are related to the packaging industry. Make sure to bookmark these blogs so you remember to come back, and don't forget to include our blog!

Labels and Labeling

http://www.labelsandlabeling.com/ Labels and Labeling is a very popular destination online for many folks within the packaging industry. Initially Labels and Labeling started as a print magazine in 1978 and over the years since then it has become one of the leading industry publications. The Labels and Labeling website launched in 2001 and is now one of the best sites for individuals within the packaging/labeling industry.

Label and Narrow Web

http://www.labelandnarrowweb.com/ The Label and Narrow Web Magazine launched in 1996 and has been an important resource for the printing and packaging industry ever since. The magazine itself is published 8 times a year and is circulated to over 11,000 subscribers in the industry worldwide. Label and Narrow web discusses all kinds of topics related to packaging, labeling, and printing. Some of the topics discussed include new industry technology, marketing trends, and other important topics that are relevant to packaging industry professionals.

Packaging World

http://www.packworld.com/ Packaging World started back in 1994 and has become one of the number one resources for pros in the packaging/labeling industry. Just like the other resources listed up until this point, PackWorld started as a print only magazine and eventually became one of the top digital industry resources with their site and apps. In addition to the main Packaging World website, they also run Healthcare PackagingAutomation WorldContract Packaging, and Greener Packaging. Packaging World also handles live/virtual events, and popular industry trade shows such as Pack Expo.

Labeling News

http://www.labelingnews.com/ Labeling News is an outlet for the packaging industry that was originally launched in 1978, and the first print issue was published in January of 1979.  Similar to the other resources presented here, Labeling News covers new technologies and processes, new equipment, and popular trends that are buzzing in the world of packaging and labeling.

Packaging Digest

http://www.packagingdigest.com/ Packaging Digest is one of the more well-read industry resources, and they have been for over 50 years since they began in 1963. This publication consistently brings packaging industry professionals quality content to help them better understand the packaging process. Packaging Digest publishes magazines, websites, webcasts, and they also host packaging/labeling industry conferences.

Packaging Strategies

http://www.packstrat.com/ Packaging Strategies is another excellent and popular resource for the packaging industry that was originally started in 1983. The site covers all kinds of topics that are related to the packaging industry and should be a daily source of reading for all professionals that work in packaging and labeling. They offer a few different publications such as the Packaging Strategies Newsletter, Packaging eXTRA, and PS Wrap Up. On top of their publications they also host a few different conferences annually including Converters ExpoBest of Food and Beverage PackagingGlobal Pouch Forum, and Global Pouch Forum West.

Smithers PIRA

https://www.smitherspira.com Smithers PIRA was started back in 1930 as PIRA, which stands for Printing Industry Research Association. The goal at startup was to be a technical research group for the printing industry. Ever since they first started they have been an important organization within the industry. Over the years the range of business services at Smithers PIRA has expanded to cover market research, strategic/technical consulting, testing, as well as packaging publications and conferences.

Food and Beverage Packaging

http://www.foodandbeveragepackaging.com/ Food & Beverage Packaging magazine analyzes market trends and packaging solutions that are important for food and beverage processors. Food and beverage packaging is a large and important part of the industry so it is necessary to follow when it comes to news and trends. The data that is gathered by Food and Beverage Packaging is very important for decision makers so they can make the right decisions about their business or product.

Inside Packaging Magazine

http://www.nridigital.com/inside-packaging-magazine.html Inside Packaging is a digital magazine specifically for the packaging industry. The publication brings together the latest news, current/upcoming trends and technologies in the packaging world. They also offer opinions and analysis from respected industry leaders. The Inside Packaging printed publication comes out on a bi-monthly basis and is recommended reading for everyone that works in the packaging and labeling industry.

Packaging Intelligence Brief

http://www.pmmi.org/Resources/content.cfm?ItemNumber=1093 PMMI (Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute) is one of the worlds leading resources for the packaging industry and the packaging intelligence briefs they release can help industry professionals keep track of current industry trends. The briefs each cover a different topic and cover how suppliers and manufacturers respond to the ever changing market needs.

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