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How To Use DIY Stickers & Labels For Wedding Receptions

Posted by Sheetlabels.com on 4/11/2017
DIY Wedding Stickers And Labels There’s no question about it—wedding receptions are expensive. According to the popular wedding planning website, The Knot—the average wedding costs around $32,641. However, there are ways to cut costs and reduce wedding-related expenses and reception prices, and SheetLabels.com can help. Sure, you can order pre-printed wedding favor labels, table placeholders, and address labels from a number of companies who specialize in wedding planning and wedding favors, but the cost will be a whole lot higher than if you order DIY stickers, labels and save the dates magnets from SheetLabels.com. Below, we’ll tell you how to save money on your wedding reception by ordering DIY labels and stickers from our reputable team of labeling experts.

Custom Save the Dates Magnets

The first way to save money on your wedding is to send out affordable save the date magnets before you even send out your wedding invitations. Couples are not required to send out save the dates prior to the wedding, but it is a polite way of giving guests a heads up about the upcoming wedding. Save the dates are especially useful for informing out-of-town guests of the wedding date, or if your wedding falls around a holiday during a busy time of the year. Plus, the custom save the dates magnets sold through SheetLabels.com are available in a variety of sizes and quantities to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Address Labels

Whether you plan to send out save the dates magnets, or you’re getting ready to mail out your wedding invitations, another key factor to consider are the address labels you use, as well as the return address labels. At SheetLabels.com, we sell return address labels and wedding invitation address labels. Our address labels can be printed with any design, color, and theme you choose.

Name Tag Labels

Though nametag labels are often not necessary at smaller wedding receptions, they are a terrific addition to larger wedding receptions where guests may not know one another. Our nametag labels may be ordered blank or pre-printed in a variety of shapes and sizes. For a classy look, we recommend using our SL133 square corner octagon-shaped labels.

Placeholder Labels

If you plan to have a seating chart at your wedding reception, you’ll want to use wedding table placeholders to help guests find their seats at the wedding reception. Our 4" x 2" labels are a fantastic choice for using as placeholder labels. Plus, they are much more affordable when you order them online from SheetLabels.com. In addition, they may be ordered pre-printed or blank for printing at home.

Wedding Favors

Aside from food, beverages, photography, and entertainment, wedding favors are undoubtedly one of the most expensive aspects of a wedding reception. Though wedding favors are not required of couples, they are a wonderful way to thank guests for attending the wedding. Whichever type of wedding favor you provide your guests, we recommended wedding water bottle labels. As an example, we like these candle wedding favorscandiesmints, and lip balm wedding favors for guests. To learn more about the ways in which we can help you to save money on your DIY wedding stickers and labels, contact us today!

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