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Summer Ready BBQ Sauce Labels

Posted by Sophia Molluso on 6/14/2021

BBQ sauce labels

As always, the arrival of summer has brought the party outside and toward the grill. Want to add a twist this time around? Step it up this season with your own homemade BBQ sauce and a label to match. Or, refresh your existing sauce with a brand new custom BBQ sauce label! This is a perfect way to express your creativity through both your ingredients and your sauce's packaging. Whether you're selling your sauce in stores or just sharing it among friends, here are our labeling tips to ensure your BBQ sauce is the hit of the next cookout.

Know Your Label Size

It's important to choose a label size that will fit the dimensions and shape of your container. Is your bottle rounded? Does it taper at the top or bottom? Is it tall and thin, or short and wide? These are all important considerations when choosing the best label size for your application. An easy way to determine the perfect label size is to test it out at home. If you have your container on hand, wrap a blank piece of paper around the labeling area. Pay attention to how much area you'd like the paper to cover in both the front and back of your container. Once you have the paper situated how you'd like it, simply cut to your desired size, and measure! This will give you a good indication of how large your final label size should be.

Choose Your Material

Another important decision you must make is what material you'd like your label to be printed on. There are some important considerations with this as well. Is your container made of plastic or glass? Will your product need to be refrigerated? Will your sauce contain any oils or other greasy components? You'll need to make sure you choose a material that stands up to all these requirements. Along with this, you'll need to decide if you'd like to produce your labels on sheets or rolls.


Sheets are better suited for smaller quantities or at-home printing jobs. Rolls are better equipped to handle larger quantities and machine applications. Whichever you choose, we've got the right material for you. Our picks for this project: High Tack White Polyester Weatherproof (sheets) and White BOPP Permanent (rolls). Both these materials can withstand the outdoor conditions of any cookout and won't be harmed by grease or other messes. White BOPP is even immune to oils!


Now that you've determined your label size and material, it's time to start designing. While this can definitely be a fun and exciting process, there are still a few considerations to keep in mind. First of all, you'll want to ensure your label is legible. While it's important to include all the necessary details in your design, you don't want to cram it too full of information. This will lead to small, squished text that is hard to read when printed. Consider paring down your text to only include the essential information for your product. Switching out some of your text for symbols and icons can also be an effective way of reorganizing your design. If you need to include lots of written info, we recommend going with a larger label size to ensure all the text will fit and still be legible.


Secondly, you'll want to choose colors and fonts that complement each other in order to have a cohesive design. You don't want to choose a font that's too hard to read, especially for large areas of text. You'll also want to avoid including a distracting background or other elements that can take away from the important information. When in doubt, keep your design simple and let your brand or sauce name shine.

Label design examples

Need some help getting started? Check out our free BBQ sauce label templates, perfect for any label size or style. Happy grilling!

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