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4 Things To Know About Maple Syrup Labels

Posted by Sheetlabels.com on 4/5/2017
Maple Syrup Labels As vital as it is to find the perfect pancake or waffle recipe to go along with your maple syrup product, it’s just as important that your maple syrup labels be as sweet and appealing as the product itself—if you intend to sell it. Enticing custom labels signify a quality product, which is incredibly important when it comes to marketing maple syrup. Consumers who purchase maple syrup are interested in healthier, unprocessed, environmentally-friendly alternatives to sugary pancake syrups, and many diets such as the paleo diet or sugar-free diets allow quality, unprocessed maple syrup as a natural sweetener. To ensure that your maple syrup products catch the attention of your target audience, you need quality syrup labels. Read on to learn more about creating quality maple syrup labels this spring. maple syrup labels

1.     The Need for Attention-Grabbing Labels

Now that tree tapping season has passed, most maple syrup products have been bottled and packaged in their appropriate jars, jugs, or containers. Therefore, now it’s time to create your custom labels. Your custom syrup labels need to be eye-catching and bold to stand out against the competition, but the labels should still look natural and clean to represent an unprocessed, natural product. We like the style of these sophisticated Dean & Deluca maple syrup labels, and these rustic-looking and colorful maple syrup labels. Need help creating a design for your maple syrup products? Our creative team can help!

2.     Long-Lasting Label Materials

As the case with most food and beverage products, custom labels for maple syrup products need to be able to stick to its jar, jug, or bottle without fading or withering away. Even the highest-quality containers drip syrup down the side of the bottle, and you need to make sure that this doesn’t negatively affect the quality of the product label. Quality labels reflect a quality product, and that’s why we specializes in creating high-quality, durable maple syrup labels. Whether you need printed or blank syrup labels, we have plenty of options to choose from—in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to meet your company’s needs.

3.     Understand FDA Guidelines

Since maple syrup products are often free of additives and other ingredients, FDA maple syrup guidelines are fairly simply to follow. Generally, maple syrup labels must contain a statement of identity (or a name), its net quantity of product contents, a statement of responsibility (such as contact information and location), and an ingredient list (if applicable). Most maple syrup products do not require an ingredient list; however, any maple syrup product that contains an ingredient other than pure maple syrup must contain an ingredient list. Additionally, any maple syrup product that includes health claims (sugar as sugar-free) must include a nutrition facts label on the packaging. But have no fear—SheetLabels.com can help you to create nutrition labels as well!

4.     What Grade Is Your Syrup?

While maple syrup grade classification is not required of maple syrup processors, it can act as a useful marketing strategy. Many consumers look for the grade of a maple syrup product before making a purchase, and not including this grade on your product label may reflect negatively on your brand. As a useful marketing strategy, you may want to consider using the maple syrup grading system on your custom labels. Generally, consumers rely on this grading information to help them make the most well-informed purchasing decision. To learn more about maple syrup labels and to begin the creation of your own maple syrup labels, contact SheetLabels.com today!

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