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5 Tips For Creating Effective Labels

Posted by Sheetlabels.com on 4/10/2017

Creating Labels Though the shape, size, label material, and type of label you use is incredibly important during the process of label printing—another crucial factor to consider is the design of the product label. If you have a product to sell and you plan to design your own custom labels—it’s important to take the time to carefully craft the perfect label. Below, we’ll provide you with some useful tips to help you design product labels that get your product the attention it deserves.

Consider the Product’s Container

Custom label printing can be a fun, exciting, and creative process that many people come to enjoy. However, it’s crucial to consider several key factors before jumping in and getting started. Before starting the design process, spend some time thinking about the container in which the product will be packaged in. For instance, if you are selling a bottle of wine, you will want to consider the exact shape, size, and dimensions of the wine bottle to ensure that your label perfectly complements the product’s container. Then, consider the appearance of the wine bottle—will it be completely transparent or will it be opaque? Attractive wine bottles allow you to cover less of the container with a product label. However, unattractive or dense bottles will require you to use a custom label that covers the bottle a bit more.

Consider Color and Texture

You may already have a color or design in mind, but it’s important to consider the visibility factor before applying your design ideas. Product labels must be visible from a distance, and certain fonts or colors are more difficult to read from a distance than others. When designing a product label, ensure that the label’s font and colors are readable from a distance. In addition, it’s important to consider the colors you use and guarantee that the colors fit in with your industry and the message you are trying to convey.

Creative Packaging

In 2017, sustainability and reusable packaging are more valuable to the consumer than ever before. During the process of custom label printing, it’s just as important to consider the lifespan of the product’s packaging and label than the design itself. Consider using eco-friendly label materials like our 100% Recycled White Uncoated labels or our Brown Kraft labels. Also, consider reusable packaging options—like reusable glass jars or durable boxes and tins.

Stand Out

More than likely, your finished product will be found on a shelf, presented alongside the products of major competitors. Unless your company can afford strategic displays or shelving that puts your product in the limelight, you need to make sure that your product label and packaging are visible and attractive to consumers as they walk past. For instance, your product must stand out, be compelling, look distinctive, and it must accurately reflect your brand and the product in which you are selling.

Market Research

Before you complete your product label design, we recommend getting feedback from your target audience. Ask your consumers why they feel a certain emotion or opinion when viewing your product label and use this information to determine whether this is the label design for your product, or if you should modify the design based on the feedback you received. During the market research phase, ask your audience the following questions, and be sure to ask them why they feel the way they do.

  • Does the label design accurately convey the product’s messaging?
  • Is the design aesthetically pleasing?
  • Will the target audience find that this design fits in with their lifestyle?
  • Does the label design feel natural or forced?


Once you gather this valuable information from your customers, you’ll be able to determine whether your label is ready for custom label printing, or if you need to make changes to the label’s design. If you have any questions about the process of designing a label, the creative team at SheetLabels.com is available to help. Contact us today to learn more!

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