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How To Make Candle Labels

Posted by Sophia Molluso on 5/9/2022

Whether you're looking to make candles as a DIY project or as a business endeavor, we're here to help you achieve the perfect label for your candle products. The process of making candle labels can seem a bit overwhelming at first, which is why we've broken it down into five easy steps: 

  1. Choose your label shape and size
  2. Choose your material
  3. Design your label
  4. Add a warning label
  5. Print your completed labels

Keep reading to follow along and explore more in-depth information about each step of the process. 


Step 1: Choose Your Label Shape and Size 

Labels of different shapes and sizes on several jar containers

When it comes to creating any type of product label, you want to ensure the label shape and size you choose will work for your intended application. We recommend deciding on your product container first and working forwards from there. Once you have your container, you can measure the label area on it to determine what label shape and size would fit best. Once you have this information, you can shop by shape or size to find a SheetLabels.com template that works for you! If your container is a unique or unusual shape, we also offer custom cut to size labels to fit any need. 


Step 2: Choose Your Material 

Once you've determined your label shape and size, you can decide on your material. We offer a number of material options that will work well for candle labels, including options for sheets, rolls, and cut to size labels. For labels on sheets and cut to size labels, we typically recommend any of our temperature resistant materials. These materials won't be harmed by exposure to extreme temperatures such as the heat from a burning candle. Any of our weatherproof or vinyl materials will also work well for candle labels. 


For roll labels, we recommend either our White BOPP or Clear BOPP materials. These materials are highly durable and are resistant to water, moisture, and oils. They also won't be harmed by exposure to high temperatures. For more information about how to choose the best material for your label project, check out our separate article here.


Step 3: Design Your Label

Now that you've chosen your label size and material, it's time to design your label artwork. There are a number of programs you can use for this, including the SheetLabels.com Online Design Tool. This tool is available to use for free right in your web browser and comes equipped with tons of fonts, shapes, and artwork. For candle labels, we also offer a number of predesigned templates you can use to get started. Simply add your customizations and you're all set! 

Follow The Guidelines

There's lots of room to be creative with the design process, however there are still a few tips and guidelines you'll want to follow. The most important thing to be aware of is your template guidelines. No matter what program you're using to design your labels, you'll want to ensure you keep all important elements such as text, images, and icons within the template safe zone. The safe zone is 0.125" for sheets and cut to size labels and 0.0625" for rolls. This distance is measured inward from the outer edge of the label and is represented by the dotted black line in the image below. Keeping your artwork elements within the safe zone ensures that nothing will be cut off during the printing process. Click here for more information about safe zones. 


If your label artwork includes a background color, image, or pattern, you'll also want to make sure to include bleed to allow the background element to print to the edge of your label if your template allows it. The recommend bleed space is 0.125" for sheets and cut to size labels and 0.0625" for rolls. This distance is measured outward from the edge of the label and is represented by the light blue line in the image below. For more information about bleed, click here. 

online label design tool interface with guidelines

Include Important Information

When designing any product label, it's important to include all the relevant information a consumer would need to know about your product. For candle labels, this includes the candle or scent name, your brand name or logo, and any details such as item weight or the candle burn time. You may also wish to include a short description of the candle's scent or a list of the ingredients.


Don't forget to also add any extra value propositions that could help differentiate your product from competitors. This includes selling points such as containing 100% soy wax, being hand poured, created with essential oils, or anything else that could help set your candles apart.  

example candle label information

Step 4: Add a Warning Label

While it's important to design an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing label, you also want to make sure to add any fine print or required safety information. When it comes to candles, this means including safe burning instructions and a "burn within sight" warning. More often than not, candle makers choose to include this information on a separate label adhered to the back or bottom of the candle.


Here at SheetLabels.com, we offer a predesigned candle warning label to make this step a breeze. Simply choose the label shape and size you'd like to have the information on and your label is ready to be printed! 

printed candle warning labels on a sheet

Step 5: Print Your Labels

When it comes to printing your finished labels, you have the choice of either printing your labels at home or having them professionally printed through a custom printed order. Both methods are effective and will produce high quality labels, especially when using our premium materials. For larger quantities and custom orders, we recommend choosing the professional printing option. Our printing experts here at SheetLabels.com will deliver superior quality labels that are sure to get your candles flying off the shelves!


To double check that your artwork is print ready, check out our separate article here. If you'd prefer to print your labels yourself, check out our separate article here for a detailed at home printing guide. 



For more information or for further assistance with creating your candle labels, contact our Client Services Team. One of our dedicated representatives would be happy to help you! 


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