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Should Your Beer Products Be Sold as Bottles or Cans?

Posted by Sheetlabels.com on 3/21/2017
Craft Beer Labels The choice between glass bottles and aluminum cans is a tricky one—especially if you’re selling beer products. There are pros and cons to each option, and many companies choose to sell their beer products in both forms, to appeal to both bottle drinkers and can drinkers. However, if you’re looking for the simplest, most cost-effective option, we can help you to reach a decision. Read on to learn more about choosing between beer bottles and beer cans. beer labels

How To Customize Labels For Cans

When it comes to selling beer products in cans, you have the option to label your can in two ways: Using printed product labels or pre-printed aluminum cans. While pre-printed aluminum cans are ideal for large can quantities, they are not ideal for smaller breweries or smaller batches of beer. However, using product labels rather than pre-printed cans is a great way to help smaller breweries save money on minimum-order sizes. As another bonus, aluminum cans are easily recyclable and help to preserve the essence of your brew. Additionally, an approximate six-pack of 12oz canned beer is lighter in weight at 5lbs, compared to a six-pack of 12oz bottle beer at 7.5lbs. Aluminum cans are also safer and more convenient for transporting beer products to picnics, sporting arenas, social functions, and other public places. Thrillist even refers to aluminum cans as a beer’s mini-keg! If cans sound like a better choice for your beer products, our White All Temperature Latex Labels and Frosty Clear Matte Labels are perfect for labeling beverage bottles or cans. keg collars

How To Customize Labels For Bottles

On the other hand, bottles allow for greater labeling styles and creativity. The shape of the bottle alone adds to the overall style of the product, giving the beer bottle a smooth and sleek appearance. Plus, wine bottles reflect a more classic, traditional style. If style, sophistication, and timeless appearance are most important to you, beer bottles are your best bet. However, a combination of bottles and cans might also be a good idea, depending on you and your consumer’s preferences. Check out our wide variety of labels for beer cans and bottles here. Whether you prefer to sell your beer products as bottles or cans, the good news is that product labels from SheetLabels.com are available as a cost-effective labeling option.

Where To Go To Customize Labels

At Sheet Labels, the beer industry is one of our many specialties. Whether you’re a craft brewer, home brewer, micro-brewery, or beer enthusiast, we know the tools and techniques you need to create the perfect beer label. We sell printed labels or blank labels—the choice is yours. Our printed labels are available as sheets, rolled labels, or cut-to-size labels, and our blank labels are sold as sheets. Our graphic design team can even help you to design your labels if you choose. But if you plan to design your own beer bottle or can labels, be sure to follow our News & Sticky Notes blog for the latest beer packaging design trends and techniques. Contact us today at 888-388-2502 to learn more!

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