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The Importance of Creativity In Packaging Design

Posted by Sheetlabels.com on 2/16/2015
Creative Packaging Design Creativity is the key to success for many businesses, especially if you can take a seemingly lackluster product and spice it up with unique, creative ideas. Years ago, when the packaging industry was still new, creativity was not as important. Over the last few decades though, it has become a much bigger factor as the industry has evolved. Back in the day, if the packaging was durable and served its purpose there was nothing to worry about. Soon enough, companies realized that the more enticing that the packaging looked visually, the better the product sold. Since creative packaging could improve sales, the industry started seeing a tremendous amount of growth in terms of eye catching product packaging/labeling. Manufacturers now needed to start focusing more on the design and quality of their packages in order to compete with the tough competition, who were doing the same. Creativity then became a high priority. Knowing the importance of design, companies within the industry started growing much faster in terms of team members. Now they needed to start hiring designers, marketers, and other specialists that understood what was important for design and to consumers.

Colors, Fonts, Characters, Slogan…

Packaging design has become just as big as any other type of design work, and taking everything into account that needs to be on your package and label is important. Whether you are designing a company website, business card, or banner, there are certain things that must be carefully thought out. The colors you choose in your design are one of the most important factors. There is a great guide HERE that discusses colors and how they can impact consumers. The font is another important element that has to be clearly legible from a short distance away. If people cannot recognize or read what is in front of them, the chances of them buying drop drastically. Another important factor is your brand character or slogan. Having a character as the face of your brand is a great way to stand out, and it also gives your brand something for people to connect with. If any of these elements are a part of the design they can also be a means for people to remember you, which helps keep your brand top of mind.

Creative and Unique

Part of the creative process is to come up with something that can show off your brand and the benefits of the product, but will also be unique enough to help your package be seen and remembered over your competitors. To be unique and memorable, it is important to have the right creative talent on your team. This can be done by hiring someone that already has a great design portfolio, or by spending the time and money on training a creative person that you may already have on staff. You should never underestimate the importance of creativity and how it can take your business to the next level. Have your designer spend time looking at what your competition is doing with their packaging design work. Your designer should also be spending time reading up on the latest design trends, strategies, and techniques that are being used by the top designers in the world. 

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