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The Best Uses of Brown Kraft Labels

Posted by Sophia Molluso on 2/3/2022

Brown Kraft is the perfect material when it comes to giving your labels a natural look. This eco-friendly alternative can draw attention to the handmade nature of a product or its organic components. Its rustic appearance and textured feel makes it ideal for any earthy brand. At SheetLabels.com, we offer Brown Kraft in a variety of label shapes and sizes, all available on sheets. Whether you're looking for blank labels or custom printed, we have everything you need to achieve the perfect Brown Kraft label. Not sure if it's the right material for your project? Keep reading to see our picks for the best uses of our Brown Kraft material.

Handmade Goods

Brown Kraft is one of our natural materials, giving it a homespun look that makes it perfect for accentuating handmade items. Use it to label your products with your brand info or to list organic ingredients. If you're mailing items or wrapping them in packaging, add a sticker to show the handcrafted care you've put into each package. Try a design like the one shown below that reads "Handmade with love." Customers will appreciate the reminder that their order has been fulfilled by a real person! 

brown kraft labels on a desk

Coffee Beans

Invoke the atmosphere of a locally owned coffee shop, no matter where you are. The use of Brown Kraft on the packaging below gives these coffee beans a rich, down to earth vibe. The positioning of the black color on the label creates an eye-catching cutout effect as well, adding even more interest to the packaging. The Brown Kraft label is also being used on top of a brown, natural looking bag which further adds to the textured, organic feel of the product. 

brown kraft coffee bean bag

Maple Syrup

Brown Kraft can also be used to create an outdoorsy look. Its textured surface, combined with its signature brown color, is reminiscent of trees and wooded cabins. That makes it the perfect choice for a product like the maple syrup bottle shown below. The artwork on the label has been kept understated, though the green leaf adds another nature-inspired touch. Dark green colors work well on Brown Kraft, along with other dark inks like black or deep browns. We don't recommend using lighter colors such as pastels, as those can pick up the brown color of the material and appear a bit muddy. 

maple syrup bottle with a brown kraft label

Farm Fresh Products

Nothing says organic and natural like farm fresh products. Incorporate this vibe into your packaging by using Brown Kraft. Its rustic appearance is ideal for anything from old-fashioned butter, to hand-carved meats, to fresh fruits and vegetables. Take it a step further by including this unique selling point in your label's text. Use phrases like "Farm Fresh," or "Locally Grown" to let consumers know about the product's natural origins. 

fresh cheese product with a brown kraft label


Last but not least, Brown Kraft can be used to give health & beauty products a natural, organic touch. Consumers want to feel good about what they're using when it comes to their bodies, especially with soaps and skincare items. Using Brown Kraft is a simple way to signal the holistic nature of a product from just a single glance. Incorporating it into the packaging of items like organic soap, herbal bath bombs, or bamboo toothbrushes is sure to catch the eye of health focused, eco-conscious consumers. However, be sure to avoid using Brown Kraft on any products that will reside in the shower or come into direct contact with water. Brown Kraft is a paper-based material and is not suited to take the place of any of our weatherproof materials

bar of soap product with a brown kraft label

More Information

Brown Kraft is a go-to for any natural product. Use it to upgrade your handmade goods, locally crafted foods, farm fresh items, or organic cosmetics. Shop our Brown Kraft material today! Looking for other material options? Click here to browse all our materials for both sheets and rolls. For more information, or for assistance determining which material is right for your project, contact our Client Services Team. One of our dedicated representatives would be happy to assist you!

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