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4 5/8 CD/DVD Labels - Round - SL122
6 customer reviews
4 5/8" CD/DVD
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4 5/8" CD/DVD Labels

6 customer reviews
4 5/8 CD/DVD Labels - Round - SL122
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White Paper Materials
White Uncoated (Inkjet or Laser) Details
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Blockout Labels Details
White All Temperature Latex (Laser) Details
Classic Crest Felt White Details
All Temperature White Labels Details
Spectacle® (Inkjet) Details
Removable White Uncoated (Inkjet or Laser) Details
Removable White Gloss (Laser) Details
Recycled Labels Details
Waterproof & Weatherproof Materials
Waterproof White Polyester Weatherproof (Laser) Details
waterproof Vinyl Laser Labels Details
Waterproof White Gloss Polyester Weatherproof (Laser) Details
Removable White Polyester Waterproof Weatherproof (Laser) Details
Inkjet Weatherproof Details
Silver Matte Polyester Weatherproof (Laser) Details
Crystal Clear Gloss Weatherproof (Laser) Details
Crystal Clear Gloss (Inkjet) Details
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Brown Kraft Labels Details
Natural Cream (Inkjet or Laser) Details
Estate #9 Sheet Labels Details
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Fluorescent Orange (Inkjet or Laser) Details
Fluorescent Pink Labels Details
Pastel Yellow (Inkjet or Laser) Details
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Pastel Blue (Inkjet or Laser) Details
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SL122 Product Specifications

Measurements: Decimal Fractions
Labels Size:
Sheet size:
8 1/2" X 11"
Labels Per Sheet:
Compare with Avery®:
5931, 8692, 5692, 28669, 8691, 5697, 5698, 5584, 8962
Special Description:
Outer Diameter- 4.625" Inner Diameter- 1.622"

SL122 Templates for Blank Printing

We offer several different file formats for our templates to make printing your blank labels as easy as possible.
PDF Template© For use with Adobe Acrobat. Your version of Adobe Acrobat must be able to edit PDF’s to use the template. It can also be used in graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Quark Express, and several others. If you plan to print out the template you need to uncheck "fit to page" in the print options or the image will be smaller than actual size.
EPS Template© Encapsulated Post Script template. Use this template with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and many other programs for pre-press and pre-printing layouts of your labels.
TIFF Template© Use this template in Adobe Photoshop to layout your label design. Reviews
4.7 rating out of 6 reviews
Debbie Shehan
The quality and prices are great!
Jackson H Snyder
Shipping is reasonably quick. Labels are of good quality at a good price. Home business people like me look out for bargains. I have purchased MANY labels from other companies the last 30 years, and SOME of these companies send a less-than-quality product. On the other hand, labels from the local office stores are, in my opinion, very much overpriced, or not available in smaller quantities. What I don't like is to get sales emails from SheetLabels that advertise sales on labels, then in checking these
Dennis and Charlene Olsen
The product arrived quickly. I am trying them out now, and they are, so far working well for me. If I continue to get good results, I will re - order again.
Jackson H Snyder
Better shipping material. Mine was stuffed into a mailbox and, had it been stuffed in farther, might have rendered the labels unusable. There needs to be something stiff in there or a box instead of a mere envelope.
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