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3 Things To Know About Labeling Cake Products

Posted by Sheetlabels.com on 3/1/2017
Cake Labels Valentine’s Day may be over, but cakes and cupcakes will continue to live on well throughout the rest of the year. Additionally, wedding and barbecue season are just around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to get your bakery label designs, FDA regulations, and cottage food laws in order. The presentation of your cake is just as important as the taste of the cake itself, and it’s important that your company displays the cake in the best possible way—including the presentation of the product label. Below, we’ll discuss the top three things you need to know about labeling cake and cupcakes this year. bakery labels

1.    Custom Label Printing Requirements

All U.S. food items must be labeled in accordance with FDA labeling regulations. Home-based cake companies must follow the cottage food laws pertaining to the specific state that the cake will be sold in. However, all cake businesses must include the following information on a cake’s packaging: ·        The name of the product ·        The name and address of the cake manufacturer ·        The net weight of the cake (in U.S. and metric measures) ·        A full list of ingredients (listed by predominance in weight) ·        All home-produced cakes must include a statement that says the product is home-produced ·        If a cake mix was used to produce the cake, a list of the mix ingredients must be included While there may be certain exceptions to these labeling guidelines when it comes to small bakeries who sell wedding cakes, or for bakeries who make cakes for restaurants, all bakers must have a list of product ingredients available for consumers to read.

2.    Cake Product Health Claims

You may be wondering how a company can possibly make health claims on a cake or cupcake label. In this case, health claims come in all different varieties. Certain cakes may be labeled as vegan, gluten-free, hormone-free, low-fat, fat-free, organic, or low-sugar. If a company does not make any health claims such as these, a nutrition facts label is not required. However, product information, net weight, and ingredient information are always required under FDA custom label printing guidelines.

3.    Quality Custom Label Printing Options

Nobody wants to buy a sloppy-looking cake, and the same goes for cake labels. Presentation matters in the food and beverage industry—especially when it comes to bakery items. Take it from us—bakery labels need to look as good as the bakery item tastes. For ideas, tips, and tricks on packaging cake products, take a look at these creative ideas found on Pinterest. Don’t let your delicious bakery products go to waste—create mouth-watering product labels that customers can’t resist. If you need assistance in creating attractive product labels that consumers can’t turn away, we can help you to design product labels as well. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to help. Our high-quality products, quick turnaround time, and unbeatable customer service make us some of the best in the labeling business. Check out our selection of blank or printed bakery labels and contact us today to learn more!

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