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Clean Up Your Chemical Labels

Posted by Sophia Molluso on 9/1/2021

Restrictions are being lifted and strict policies are beginning to relax, now that the spread of COVID is slowing down. For chemical and cleaning supply companies, it's easy to feel like the boom in business is ending. Without the pandemic, will there still be a high demand for cleaning products? The answer is yes.


While the world is returning to a sense of normalcy, the pandemic has instilled a renewed desire for cleanliness. It's left consumers more clean-conscious than ever, still looking to companies to provide the necessary sanitizing products. If you want your cleaning essentials flying off the shelves, it's important to consider the effectiveness of your product labels. How well do they share your company's message? Do they accurately represent your brand? Do they clearly show the benefits of the product? Now is the perfect time to freshen up your chemical labels to ensure you can answer "yes" to all these questions. Follow our tips to get your labels shining like new!

Get Specific

The label is a perfect place to show off the effectiveness of your product. Don't be afraid to brag by sharing any stats and proven benefits of your cleaning solution. Remember, the more specific, the better! Use your label to highlight important information like "kills 99.9% of germs" or "proven to kill cold and flu viruses." These are great selling points that can set your product apart from competitors. These value statements don't have to all be germ related either. Aspects of a chemical product like "residue free," or "contains childproof lock," can also serve as unique selling points. spray bottle with childproof lockspray cleaner label

Include Pictures

When it comes to describing your chemical product, it's easy for the information to quickly become complicated. Consumers want things to be simple and can easily be deterred by confusing or unfamiliar language on your labels. Consider using images, icons, or simple diagrams when appropriate. These help the consumer make decisions at a glance, and don't require too much effort to understand. An easy way to incorporate imagery is with your product's fragrance. Illustrating the fragrance can help break up an information heavy label and can be an opportunity to include eye-catching colors or designs. soap labels with different fragrances

Branding Is Everything

It's no secret that consumers want to buy products from companies they trust. This is especially true when it comes to chemical and cleaning products. Brand recognition and cohesive design is essential in order to satisfy this consumer desire. Make sure your labels accurately reflect your brand and make it easy for consumers to identify your products among competitors. Being consistent with your color palette, imagery, and fonts are simple ways to achieve this.


For new customers, your branding can help tell the story of your company and show what makes you unique. For example, if your company is centered around the eco-friendliness of your products, you'll want to ensure your branding reflects this. Using earth tones like greens and browns or incorporating nature imagery helps attract the attention of an eco-conscious consumer. eco friendly laundry detergent label

By following these tips, you'll have your products flying off the shelf, pandemic or not! SheetLabels.com is here to help you achieve this. Our advanced printing capabilities will ensure your labels shine and stand out from the crowd. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you find the perfect label size, material, or create the perfect design for your product. Contact us today or shop our site for all your cleaning and chemical label needs.

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