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Cool Off With Freezer Safe Labels

Posted by Sophia Molluso on 6/11/2021

  Ice cream labels

With temperatures heating up outside, we all need a bit of cold to refresh ourselves. Our temperature resistant, freezer safe labels will keep both you and your frozen products chilled. Whether that's ice cream, frozen dinners, smoothie mixes, or beyond, SheetLabels.com has got you covered! We're breaking down our freezer safe materials to help you find the best one for your frozen product.

Labels On Sheets

White Polyester Weatherproof

When it comes to labels on sheets, there are a few different temperature safe options to choose from. The first option, and our overall pick for sheets, is White Polyester Weatherproof. This material is super sturdy and won't be damaged by exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture. That makes it the perfect choice for ice cream labels or any other frozen product. If you're printing your labels at home, you'll want to make sure you're using a laser printer with this material. Our polyester materials are only compatible with laser and will not print correctly on inkjet  printers.

ice cream pintsheet labels


All Temperature White Uncoated

An alternative choice for labels on sheets is All Temperature White Uncoated. This inkjet and laser compatible material is another great choice for frozen products, depending on the type of freezer you're using. This material will stand up to the cold and perform well in a temperature-controlled setting. That makes it perfect for products stored in walk-in freezers or other temperature consistent environments. However, if you're storing your products in a household freezer, the uncoated material could become damaged by moisture from defrosting. In this case, we recommend choosing another option. walk in freezer     sheet labels

Labels On Rolls

White BOPP Permanent

When it comes to labels on rolls, there are a few more options to choose from. Any of our BOPP materials will work for frozen products and are available in a range of styles. Along with this, you can choose from a matte or glossy laminate, both of which work perfectly for the freezer. White BOPP is our standard roll material. It's highly durable and resistant to water, oil, and moisture. This material should have no problem standing up to the conditions of any freezer.

    frozen smoothie mix   roll labels


Clear BOPP Permanent

Our Clear BOPP material can give your frozen products a more modern touch. The label material itself is completely transparent, giving your label a seamless look on your packaging. Just like White BOPP, Clear BOPP is also highly dependable and resistant to extreme temperatures, oil, and moisture.

frozen pizza box     clear roll labels

Silver BOPP Permanent

Silver BOPP can take your branding up a notch and will definitely make your labels stand out. This is a metallic material that holds the same great adhesive, waterproof capabilities, and temperature resistance as the other two BOPP options. Our printing experts can help your labels pop with this material and make your products the star of the freezer aisle.

ice cream packaging    ice cream label

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