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Create Effective Hand Sanitizer Labels in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Sophia Molluso on 3/25/2022

In honor of World Health Day, we're talking about a product we've all grown very familiar with over the last few years - hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is a quick and easy way to disinfect your hands of germs and help stop the spread of viruses. When it comes to having a vital product like hand sanitizer, you need a product label that works just as hard! That's why we're breaking down everything you need to know about creating effective hand sanitizer labels. 


The first place to start is with your label's artwork. Having a clear and compelling design is key to catching the consumer's eye. Follow our tips below to ensure your hand sanitizer labels are as effective as possible. Keep in mind that the following tips can all be adapted to fit your specific brand or your product's needs.


1) Choose the right label shape and size

hand sanitizer bottle sizes

Nothing ruins a design faster than formatting it for the incorrect shape or size label. It's important to determine the basics before getting too far into the design process. That's why we recommend choosing your label shape and size first. offers a variety of custom printed options for labels on sheets, rolls, or cut to size labels for you to choose from. Once you find the best option for your product, you can use our online design tool to create and format your label artwork accordingly. We even offer editable, pre-designed templates to help you get started! 


2) Include value propositions

hand sanitizer bottle with product label

When designing your label, you want to make sure to include all the necessary and helpful information you can. You want consumers to know exactly what they're buying and why they should specifically buy your product over a competitor's. Don't be afraid to brag a bit or share extra details that can help differentiate your product.


Including value proposition phrases such as "kills 99.9% of germs" or "made with natural ingredients" can be highly effective. It's important that this information is easy to read on the front of your product, making it simple for consumers to quickly spot and understand it. We recommend using bold or brightly colored text to help this bit of information stand out. 


3) Illustrate the details

lemon scented hand sanitizer

Adding imagery to your label is another effective way to catch the consumer's eye. It can also help bring your product to life a bit more, especially when being used to describe intangible things like scents. If your hand sanitizer has a fragrance to it, try using images or illustrations to communicate this to the consumer. This is a great way to add extra interest to your label, especially if your imagery contains textures or fun pops of color. Try incorporating these same elements into other areas of your design as well for an overall cohesive look. 


4) Keep branding consistent 

three hand sanitizer bottles with different labels

Do you offer multiple variations of your product? If so, you'll want to keep your branding consistent between each individual label. While certain details of each design can change, we recommend sticking to the same overall look for each. This means maintaining the same elements like fonts, logo placement, and formatting. This helps to unify your products and make them easy for consumers to spot on a crowded shelf. Keeping most elements the same also draws attention to the remaining differences between each design, helping consumers quickly understand the differences between each variation of your product and make an informed buying decision. 


5) Choose the right material

Once you have your label design, you'll want to ensure you choose the right material to have it printed on. For hand sanitizer labels, we recommend choosing one of our BOPP materials such as White BOPP, Clear BOPP, or Silver BOPP. These materials are both weatherproof and oil proof, meaning they won't be damaged by exposure to water or oils. Our BOPP laminates also offer a strong resistance to chemicals so you don't have to worry about sanitizer spills ruining your label. For more on choosing your label material, check out our separate article here.


You can also contact our Client Services team for more individualized assistance. Our team would be happy to help you! Contact us today via phone, email, or online chat and a dedicated representative will work with you to determine the perfect material for your label project. If you'd prefer to test a few of the materials in person, we also offer free samples of both our blank and printed products. Click here to order your free samples today! 

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