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Graduation Party Essentials: Everything You Need for the Ultimate Graduation Event

Posted by Sophia Molluso on 4/26/2022

Graduation season is almost upon us and it's time to start planning for the end of school festivities. It's important to make this exciting time special for your graduate no matter what it is they're graduating from. That's why we're here to help with everything you need to make the moment memorable. Keep reading to see how custom printed labels from SheetLabels.com can transform any graduation event into a one of a kind celebration!

Address Labels

Graduation party address labels on a desk

Every great event starts with the invitations. There's something extra special about receiving a physical invitation in the mail, especially when it arrives with perfectly printed labels. Use custom printed address labels to make the mailing process quick and easy. With fully customizable templates, you can even design your labels to match the decor theme or school colors of any graduation event. For an extra bit of flair, try adding a matching round or square label to seal the back of the envelope as shown in the image above. 

Water Bottle Labels

custom graduation party water bottle labels

Custom printed water bottle labels are an easy way to add a personalized touch to your food and drink tables. They're especially great for outdoor graduation events where guests will want to keep themselves hydrated. The standard size of our water bottle labels means you can also use them on other bottles such as juice or soda for a bit more variety. To help you get started with designing your labels, click here to check out our fully customizable water bottle label templates. 


No matter what type of beverage you're labeling, we recommend printing your labels on any of our weatherproof materials. This will ensure your labels won't be ruined by spills, condensation, or moisture from coolers. To learn more about how to select the perfect material for any labeling project, check out our separate article here.

Wine Bottle Labels

custom graduation themed wine bottle labels

For college graduations or other higher education celebrations, try adding custom wine bottles into the mix. These are perfect for more professional occasions or even to give as a personalized graduation gift. When it comes to designing your wine bottle labels, we have a variety of predesigned templates to help you get started. Simply add in your customizations and you're ready to print! 


Just like with our water bottle labels, any weatherproof material will work great for this application. However, we also offer a number of other wine label options if you're going for more of an upscale look. Our Estate #9 and Classic Crest Felt White materials are always popular for wine labels due to their lightly textured, elegant look. 

Custom Stickers 

school spirit custom stickers with balloons

Show your school spirit with custom printed stickers! These are perfect for graduation giveaways or other event freebies. Theme them around your graduate's class year or include the mascot of their alma mater for an even more personalized feel. These stickers can even be a great addition to a graduation gift or thoughtful card.


When it comes to sticker printing, we offer a number of great options. Choose from stickers on sheets, rolls, or individually die-cut stickers. Click here to see all our sticker printing options!

Personalized Party Favors

candy party favor with a custom label

Last but not least, add some extra flair with customized graduation party favor labels. Party favors are a perfect way to thank your guests for attending and gives them one last piece of the party to take home with them. Utilize your favor's label to include a special message or to incorporate the treat into the rest of your party's theme. Guests will appreciate the added attention to detail. 


When it comes to choosing a label for this, we offer hundreds of label shapes and sizes to choose from. Click here to browse our selection and find the perfect label for any party favor. 


For more information, or for further assistance with creating your graduation event labels, contact our Client Services Team. One of our dedicated representatives would be happy to help! 

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