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Label Requirement Advice for Handmade Soaps & Cosmetics

Posted by David Johns on 11/30/2017
label requirement advice for soaps and cosmetics Even if you think your business is too small to really matter in the eyes of the FDA, your best bet is to follow the FDA’s custom label printing rules and regulations to avoid any future issues. No matter how large or how small your handmade soap or cosmetics business is, there are rules and regulations you need to follow in accordance with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). soap labels Even if you think your business is too small to really matter in the eyes of the FDA, your best bet is to follow the FDA’s custom label printing rules and regulations to avoid any future issues. We know how confusing and overwhelming it may be to obtain information about label printing for handmade soaps and cosmetics, which is why we’re here to help!

Beware of Health Claims on Custom Label Printing

According to the FDA, cosmetic labels must tell the truth and not be misleading. This includes making any health claims. Any products used for therapeutic purposes or those that may affect the structure of the body must be regulated as drugs are. Even if you think that your business is too small for the FDA to find you, think again! cosmetic labels As the creator of handmade products, you need to be especially careful about including any medical claims on your product labels. There are plenty of rules regarding this topic for manufactured cosmetics and soaps, and the same rules apply for handmade products.

Expect an FDA Inspector

An article published by Modern Soapmaking highlighted the experience that Robin from River County Soapworks had with the FDA when she first got started out back in 2014. Robin had just began working from home as a handmade soapmaker, and she thought she’d been doing everything right to follow the rules and regulations of the FDA. However, she hadn’t finished the process to become 100 percent compliant before she started listing her products online. One morning, the FDA showed up at her door to conduct an unexpected inspection after she’d found a couple of her products on the internet. The inspector had noticed that Robin used the term “medicinal” and “antibacterial” in two of her product descriptions, which are problem areas for regulatory compliance. Unannounced, the inspector drove two and a half hours to Robin’s home to discuss what Robin could and couldn’t say when marketing her products. The inspector also completed a full walk-through of her soapmaking studio. Before the inspector left, she took three product labels with her and made sure that Robin understood the whole process of getting in compliance. She made it clear that she wanted to help her, not worry her. She was given a few days to make the necessary changes to her website and correct a few other important issues that were brought up during the inspection.

Other Resources for Creating Handmade Products

Custom label printing doesn’t have to be a strenuous task, and SheetLabels.com, can help. However, you should first get to know the rules and regulations for creating handmade cosmetics and soaps at home. Some great resources to check out include: ●      The FDA’s rules and regulations for cosmetic products ●      Marie Gale, who has spent many years educating the public about regulations for selling handmade soaps and cosmetics ●      Handmade Cosmetics Alliance Once your business becomes FDA compliant, the fun begins! When it’s time to order your product labels, look no further than SheetLabels.com. Our great selection of cosmetic labels and soap labels are perfect for your handmade soaps and cosmetic products. Contact us today!

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