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Essential Labels You Need For Your Clothing Boutique

Posted by Sophia Molluso on 5/17/2022

When it comes to operating a clothing boutique, labels may not be the first thing on your mind. However, they're essential for keeping your merchandise professional looking and organized. Whether your boutique is a brick and mortar storefront or an online operation, has the labels you need to keep everything running smoothly. Keep reading to see our picks for the essential labels your clothing boutique needs!


1) Size Stickers

clothing size stickers on folded shirts

Size stickers are extremely helpful when shopping for clothing. At a physical store, they allow the customer to quickly find the size they're looking for without digging through a pile of folded merchandise. This in turn helps to keep the store neat and tidy and saves employees from having to refold everything. When it comes to an online boutique, size stickers are great for organizing inventory. They make packing and shipping orders a breeze by allowing you to easily find the items and sizes you'll need to send out. 


While a number of label shapes and sizes can work for this use, we recommend choosing a small circle like our SL595 template or a thin, long rectangle template such as SL298. We also recommend choosing a material with a removable adhesive to ensure the sticker can easily be removed by the customer after purchasing. 


2) Clothing Tag Labels

clothing tag on a blue sweater

Labels can be used as an alternative to printed clothing tags, giving you the ability to switch out barcodes or prices as needed without the hassle of ordering more custom printed tags. This can save you money as well, allowing you to order only blank tags that you can stick the labels on as needed. For online orders, try sticking these labels to the outside of your item baggies to clearly mark each item's information.


If you're adhering these labels to blank clothing tags as suggested, the size of your label will depend on the size of the tag you're ordering. Once you know the measurements of your tag, you can enter your dimensions onto the SheetLabels site to shop labels by size and find your perfect fit. As for a material, we recommend Standard White or any other uncoated material. Our uncoated materials are cost effective while still providing a quality print and can also be written on with pen or marker if needed. 


3) Clothing Divider Labels

multiple size divider labels

Clothing divider labels are essential for organizing racks of clothing in either a physical store or inventory warehouse. They help ensure that each size garment stays where it belongs and has a designated spot to return to if moved. When used in a physical store, they also help customers streamline their shopping process by allowing them to easily find their size on a crowded clothing rack. 


We offer two different templates for these types of labels - SL818 or SL658. As for the material, we recommend choosing a weatherproof option to ensure the label will hold up against daily wear and tear and can be cleaned off as needed. 


4) Branded Stickers 

custom boutique brand stickers

Custom branded stickers are an extremely easy, yet effective way to advertise your boutique. They make an excellent freebie to throw into online orders or each customer's shopping bag. Or, if you'd rather not give them away for free, try keeping them up by the register for customers to easily add on to their in-store purchases. For online orders, create a similar effect by setting your stickers as a recommend item that will pop up as the customer moves through the virtual checkout process. For more tips on utilizing branded stickers, check out our separate article here


When it comes to branded stickers, the shape and size of them is completely up to you. We offer multiple sticker shapes, as well as custom die cut optionsClick here for more information about custom printed stickers.


5) Preprinted Retail Labels

perfume tester bottles on a shelf

Last but not least, keep merchandise and paperwork organized with our preprinted retail labels. We offer a variety of options including "try me" sample item labels as shown in the image above. Our preprinted labels are predesigned and available in convenient rolls to make the organization process a breeze. 


For more information, or to receive individualized assistance, contact our Client Services Team today. Our dedicated representatives would be happy to help you create any label your boutique may need!

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