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The Best Lip Gloss Label Materials

Posted by Sophia Molluso on 12/21/2021

lip gloss tubes

Wondering what material is right for your lip gloss labels? Look no further! We've compiled a list of our expert recommendations for the best lip gloss label materials. From durable mattes, to sparkly metallics, SheetLabels.com has everything you need to create the perfect labels for your lip gloss product.

Bright White Mattes

The first type of material we'd recommend for lip gloss labels is a bright, durable matte. A material like this will make your colors pop, while still delivering the dependability you need. colorful lip gloss labels

Our material picks:

Labels on sheets- White Polyester Weatherproof

Labels on rolls- White BOPP


Both of these materials offer excellent wet strength and flexibility, allowing you to twist and squeeze your labels as needed. They're both also waterproof and tear resistant, with White BOPP offering oil resistance as well. These materials are all-around favorites and are perfect for nearly any type of lip gloss container. They'll give your products a polished, put together look no matter your brand or artwork design.

Crystal Clear

The second type of material we'd recommend for lip gloss labels is any of our clear options. These transparent materials will give your gloss a modern, "no label look" while still providing strength and dependability. clear lip gloss label

Our material picks:

Labels on sheets- Clear Gloss Weatherproof

Labels on rolls- Clear BOPP


Both of these options offer moisture resistance and a weatherproof finish to protect your design. Clear BOPP is even oil resistant! The transparent nature of these clear materials will also give your labels a seamless look, perfect for more upscale or luxury brands. However, it's important to note the extra specifications that come with clear materials. Our clear sheet materials are unable to print white colors and all other colors will print as semi-transparent. If you have white color on your design, or want your artwork to print fully opaque, your order will need to be produced on rolls and will require a vector file of your design. For more information about white layer printing, check out our in-depth guide here.

Bold Metallics

The third type of material we'd recommend for lip gloss labels is an eye-catching metallic. This type of material will amplify the glossy nature of  your product, and give your packaging a sparkling, iridescent look. metallic lip gloss labels

Our material picks:

Labels on sheets- Silver Matte Polyester

Labels on rolls- Silver BOPP


Both of these materials offer a durable metallic finish with weatherproof technology. However, unlike our previous options, there are also a few key differences between our sheet and roll material recommendations for this category. Our Silver Matte Polyester material is best suited for printing only black or other dark colors over top of the material, while letting the rest of the metallic color shine through. Silver BOPP, on the other hand, can be used to print any metallic color, not just silver. With a vector file, your artwork can also be customized to print only certain areas as metallic instead of the entire thing. For higher end, more complicated lip gloss label projects, we'd recommend choosing Silver BOPP for its advanced customization options and oil-proof finish.


No matter what material you choose, SheetLabels.com is here to help your lip gloss labels shine. Check out all our materials here or contact us for help with finding the best lip gloss label material for your project.

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