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The Best Uses of Metallic Labels

Posted by Sophia Molluso on 6/1/2022

Looking for a way to add a bit of shine to your product labels? Try a metallic label material! Metallic labels are the perfect way to differentiate your product and get it to stand out on the shelves, no matter what industry you're in. Keep reading to see our favorite uses of metallic product labels and hopefully find inspiration for your next label project! 


Beer, Wine, & Spirits Labels

metallic silver and gold beer can labels

With the number of craft breweries and beverage companies increasing every day, you need a product label that will stand out from the crowd of competitors. Metallic labels are the perfect answer! The shiny, reflective appearance of them will make your product instantly eye-catching to any consumer. They also provide a bit of extra personality to your brew and can be used to illustrate your unique flavors with a fun, metallic twist.


Candle Labels

metallic purple label on a candle product

When thinking of products to use metallic labels on, you may not immediately think of candles. However, metallic materials can be great for adding an extra bit of luminescence to any candle. Play off the color of the candle itself, like in the image above, or go with a completely contrasting color scheme. However you choose to design your candle label, a metallic material can add an extra spark to this ordinary household product. Looking for more candle label inspiration? Check out our separate post here to learn how to create your own candle labels. 


Chemical and Cleaning Product Labels

cleaning products with metallic labels

Adding metallic elements to your cleaning product labels can help invoke the "sparkling clean" feel you want your brand to portray. The metallic sheen will make consumers think of the bright, shiny surfaces that your product can help them achieve. Metallic materials can also help call attention to special warnings or ingredients on more heavy-duty chemical products. For more cleaning product label inspiration, check out our separate article here. 


Cosmetic Labels

cosmetic product with metallic label

Metallic labels are a great way to instantly elevate any cosmetic product. The metallic look invokes a feeling of luxury that's perfect for any high-end brand or company that's wanting to cultivate an upscale look. The metallic material's shiny appearance can also be used to bring shimmery products like highlighters and eyeshadow to life as well as skincare products like brightening serums. 


Nutraceutical Product Labels

supplement bottle product with metallic label

Nutraceutical products such as vitamins, supplements, and protein powders have always been a popular choice for metallic labels. The growing demand for these types of products has brought more competition than ever. Metallic materials can help you stand out from the crowd. Nutraceutical products are also popular on social media, which metallic labels are great for. They can bring an extra shine to social media product photos and catch the eye of anyone scrolling through their feed.


CBD Product Labels

CBD dropper product with metallic label

CBD products are on the rise as more companies in this industry are popping up every day. Metallic labels can be a great way to differentiate yourself in the market and give your products a funky, artistic flare. They can help invoke the uniqueness of these types of products and attract consumers to your product on a crowded shelf.


Metallic Materials

Here at SheetLabels.com, we offer metallic material options for both sheets and rolls. For labels printed on sheets, we offer three metallic options: Silver Foil, Gold Foil, and Silver Matte Polyester Weatherproof. All three of these materials are great choices for creating metallic labels. However, it should be noted that the matte finish of our Silver Matte Polyester Weatherproof material gives off a bit more of a muted, pearlescent look rather than a true metallic. All of these materials work best when used for minimalistic designs with only black or other dark colors on them to allow the metallic material itself to show through as the background. 


If you're looking to print a more intricate or colorful design, we recommend choosing labels on rolls. Our metallic roll material, Silver BOPP, can produce a wide spectrum of metallic colors and can even be used for white ink printing with a vector artwork file. This material is also weatherproof and can withstand prolonged exposure to water, moisture, and outdoor elements.  



For more information about our metallic label materials, contact our Client Services Team. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you! Looking to explore our other materials? Click here to shop our full material selection. 

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